About Us


RISHABH CORPORATION was established 20 years ago.It was founded in Mumbai.

In 2003 company made 2 different parts as Manufacturing and Fabrication.A common Vision to satisfy the needs of Customers.

We at RISHABH CORPORATION,We provide a wide variety of Electrical & Insulating material Manufacturer & Fabricators in different designs,sizes & shapes such as Fiber Glass Laminates Epoxy,SMC,Bakelite Paper Base & Fabric Base Sheet,Acrylic & Polycarbonate Sheet,Press Board & Pre-Compress Board and Densified Wood ,Rods,Tubes etc.We have developed a unique range of machined component products which are tailored to suit numerous applications.We supply products meeting the most severe quality standards that are used by various sectors of Indian & foreign industry for different application at invincible costs.


Our products are widely used within the field of Power Industries,(Switch Gear,Contorl Panels Transformer & Rectifier, Generator, Motor )Electrical ,Electronics,Chemical,Petro-chemicals Engineering,Textiles Industry and other industries.

Our Mission:

We are committed to providing quality products to customers as well as offering a range of value added services including technical services and timely response to our customers.


Our focus is to continuously provide new and improved products that perform in extreme working conditions and result in saving for all our client.