Product Range

Product Range

1) Fiber Glass Epoxy Sheet

2) Fiber Glass Polyester Sheet

3) SMC Sheet

4) Fiber Glass Tube

5) Industrial Laminates Sheet

6) Press Board & Pre-Compress Board

7) Clack Band

8) Thermoflow

9) Densified Wood product

10)Polycarbonate Sheet

11)Acrylic Sheet

1) Fiber Glass Epoxy Sheet

Base Material : Glass Cloth,Mat,Woven Roving.

Matrix : Epoxy Resin,Vinylester & Hardner.

Sheet Thickness & Size :

Thickness (mm) : 0.5 to 50.

Standard Size L*W (mm) : 1000 x 1000,1000 x 1220,1220 x 1220.

Colors : Light Green,Yellow.

Fiber Glass Sheet


2) Fiber Glass Polyester Sheet

Base Material : Glass Cloth,Mat,Woven Roving.

Matrix : Polyester Resin,Vinylester & Hardner Sheet.

Sheet Thickness & Size :

Thickness (mm) : 0.5 to 50.

Standard Size L*W (mm) : 1000 x 1000,1000 x 1220,1220 x 1220.

Colors : Light Green,Yellow,Red,Gray,Natural White and any other colours according to

customers need.

We can also provide High Quality FRP Sheet With Flame-Retardant Property.



3) SMC Sheet

  • Excellent dielectric properties such as volume resistivity,surface resistivity,arc resistance and comparative tracking index.
  • Non-hygroscopic and retain the dielectric properties even in presence of high humidity.
  • Can withstand continuous temperatures up to 140 °C.
  • Anti-corrosive and resistant to most acids,alkalise & chemicals.
  • Weather-able and suitable for all kinds of climatic conditions.
  • Self-coloured and maintenance-free.
  • Light weight,strong,stiff and clean.
  • Thickness (mm) : 1.5 mm to 20 mm.
  • Standard Size L*W (mm) : 1000 x 1000,1200 x 1200.
  • Colors : Standard Off-White.
  • Other Colors : Can be offered as per Customer’s requirement against large quantities.


4) Fiber Glass Epoxy Tube

Description : Thermosetting plastics Fiberglass Composite Tubing is a proprietary combination of fiberglass reinforcements and thermosetting polyester or vinylester resin systems.

It is produced in more than 100 standard shapes.

Properties : Glass Epoxy tube is light weight,Excellent electrical insulation properties,moisture resistant,good mechanical & impact strength,high dielectric strength,light weight,dimensionally stable,easy of machining,excellent tensile,compressive & flexural strengths excellent thermal stability & non magnetic material.

Applications : Structural supports,piston rings,gears,spacers,bearing surfaces,insulating washers,sleeves,switch bases,panel boards, instrument housing,spools,transformer covers,insulation for x-ray,high voltage insulation’s.

Industries : Aviation,chemicals,construction,electronics,machinery,paper,textiles.

Sizes : On request.


5) Industrial Laminates Bakelite Sheet

Base Material : Cotton Fabric,Kraft paper,Jute,Bamboo,Natural & Synthetic Fabrics.

Matrix : Phenolic,Melamine & other Synthetic resins.

Products : Cotton phenolic Sheets,Paper phenolic Sheets.

Grades : F2,F3,F4,P1,P2,P3.

Sheet Thickness & Size :

Thickness (mm) :0.8 to 50.

Standard Size L*W(mm) : 1220 X 2440 ,1220 X 2440.



6) Press Board & Pre-Compress Board

Electrical grade insulating press board & pre compressed & its components are primary insulation material used in power,distribution and special transformers.Sheet of base is converted to cylinders,strips,spacers,rings,washers,plates,machine formed and shaped parts, punching and laminates.

Application: Insulation of high voltage transformers.

Sheet Thickness & Size :

Thickness (mm) : 1 to 40.

Standard Size L*W(mm) : 1000 X 2000,2000 X 3000.



7) Clack Band

Clack Band is made from transformer press paper and TIV bevel strips and displays high purity and mechanical strength.Has good compatibility with liquid dielectrics and low shrinkage and compressibility.When used directly in the winding clackband facilitates ideal cooling by guiding the oil flow.It is made of trapezoidal blocks and two layers of paper because it is already assembled.Clackband avoids the possible shearing of spacing blocks and is accordingly easy and safe to handle during the winding process.

Application :Installation cooling channels in power transformers.


  • Insulation class A (105°C) according to VDE 0530 part 1.
  • 100% sulphate pulp.
  • Natural coloured.
  • One side BL/U coated or uncoated.

8) Duct Strip (Thermoflow)

Duct strip called Thermoflow is used as a spacer element in the construction of oil filled distribution transformers windings.It is manufactured from thermally upgraded Press paper [Diamond pattern resin coated paper (DDP)]with Transformer board strips bonded to one side.When stored under clean room temperature condition the material have a shelf lifetime of twelve months.

Duct Strip is available in *DDP and Plain Paper.A variety of configurations (paper thickness,strip dimensions,and overall width) is available.


9) Densified Wood product for application in the transformer industry

Densified Wood made from wood veneer,jute and natural fibers.Phenol and epoxy polyester are used as matrix and the range is available in different grades that density such as low/Medium/High Density.It can be available in standard size of the sheet is 2400 mm X 1200 mm available thickness is from 10 mm & above

To meet the requirements of various industries,we offer an extensive range of Densified wood for Transformers.Our range can be customized as required by clients.

10) Polycarbonate Sheet

Polycarbonate panels are manufactured out of a hard plastic polymer substance known as Bisphenol A (BPA). Polycarbonate makes an excellent substitute for glass or acrylic, and there are a multitude of uses for panels made of polycarbonates. From the thin plastic lenses found in UV-protective sunglasses, to the thick, bulletproof windows used in security vehicles, these panels play an important role in safety and environmental protection.

Polycarbonate plastic is moldable, durable, lightweight, flame resistant, shatterproof, and energy efficient. Clear Polycarbonte Sheet is as transparent as glass,but weights only half.Light weight makes it easy to transport and install

One of its best properties is high-impact resistance, which can be more than 200 times greater than tempered glass. Polycarbonate panels are extremely weather resistant, will not yellow in harsh sun, and recyclable. Ridged sheets of polycarbonate are often installed over walkways, patios and terraces to filter and reduce ultraviolet sunlight, as well as provide rain and snow protection. They are also used in fencing, providing a secure barrier that is practically indestructible.

Polycarbonate sheets can be as clear as glass, translucent, or completely opaque, depending on the specific use.

11) Acrylic Sheet

Uniting incredible strength with aesthetic beauty, acrylic is the material of choice for thousands of products in many industries.

Acrylic is a polymer created when giant carbon molecules combine chemically. Finished acrylic sheet exhibits glass-like qualities – clarity, brilliance, transparency, translucence – but at half the weight and up to 10 times the impact resistance. It can be tinted or colored, mirrored or made opaque.

A number of coatings can be applied to a sheet or finished part for performance enhancing characteristics such as scratch resistance, anti-fogging, glare reduction and solar reflective.

Because it’s a thermoplastic and softens under extremely high temperatures, acrylic can be formed to virtually any shape. Incredibly durable, acrylic is a suitable solution over a broad temperature range, and has superior weathering properties compared to other plastics. 

FORMABLE With a little heat, it’s easy to shape and mold.
DURABLE Impact resistance that stands the test of time.
WEATHERABLE Stands up to the elements longer than other plastics.
NON-YELLOWING A 10-year, limited warranty that guarantees no yellowing.

Today acrylic e acrylic sheet is specified for use in thousands of products thanks to its ease of fabrication, low heat loss and attractive clear edge color. From point-of-purchase displays to signage, lighting and dozens of other applications, Plaskolite acrylic sheet is an ideal design solution.