Fabrication Range

Fabrication Range

Fabricated Parts as per customer drawings & Requirements

A)Switch Gear,L.T & H.T Control Panels

1)Fiber Glass & SMC  Support & Slot for Copper & Aluminium Bus Bar.


2)Face Barrier

Materials which restrict the flow of an electric current.
A non conducting material that provides electric isolation of two parts at different voltages.It has an electrical resistivity and a dielectric,thermal and mechanical strength.That support electrical  conductors without passing the current through.These particular materials also protect electrical conductors from coming into contact with people or tools and provide excellent insulation for electrical applications.

B)Transformer Industries

1)Dry Type Transformer

Fiber Glass Terminal Board/Block,Spacer,Wedges,Runner,Packing Block,Ring,nut & Segments.



2)Oil Cooled Transformer

Pre-Compress Terminal Board/Block,Spacer,Wedges,Runner,Packing Block,Ring Nut & Segments.

C)Machine Components & Parts

Angle,Gears,Strips,Rods,Spacers,Washers,SRBF & SRBP Tubes-Rods,Machine parts.